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Done differently

We designed the world's first undies that swim.


Because SOMI does sustainability differently.

We integrate sustainability into the purpose of our products, not just the materials.


Done differently

We designed the world's first undies that swim.


Because SOMI does sustainability differently than any other company.

We integrate sustainability into the very purpose of our products, not just the materials.


The big idea behind SOMI

Sure, many companies talk about using recycled fabrics. But that's just the icing on the sustainability cake. 
The real issue? 

Too much stuff gets made. 

So we wondered:

What really makes for sustainable fashion?

We believe it's to make less stuff that does more.

Our mission: Get rid of single-purpose apparel


17M Tons

Of annual US textile waste

208M lbs

Waste generated from single use outfits in 2019


Reduction on environmental impact by wearing a garment for 9 months longer

Somi is about opening your eyes to how versatile your wardrobe really is.

It's about demanding more from the items you buy.

And it just makes sense.

Why not get more use from what you already have?


When it comes to clothes, we advocate buying pre-owned.

But underwear isn't like vintage clothing.

You can't buy it used.

And underwear isn't recyclable.

Fabric can't be turned back into textile fibers once mixed with elastane.

That's why we started with underwear.

As we expand, we'll create more multifunctional pieces of apparel.


SOMI is also good for the sea 

In addition to using recycled poly and nylon - sourced from water bottles and fishing nets -  we look at our impact on all parts of the environment.


Did you know that washing apparel actually introduces millions of tiny plastic threads - called microplastics - into the ocean with each load?

As a result, we've created our SeaSaver Washbag. Its fine mesh prevents most microplastics from entering the water supply.

It also protects your undies and can be reused as a breathable travel bag.



Microplastics from one load of laundry


Reduction of CO2 emissions from recycled nylon


Water bottles recycled in our last production run


Companies &

Ethical Sourcing

We care about who we're working with.

We work with a small cut-and-sew company run by Sabrina in Shanghai, another female entrepreneur.

It was a conscious decision to lift up other woman-owned businesses.

We met with her multiple times and developed a close personal relationship.

We've carefully vetted the factory's labor practices to ensure good working conditions, from lighting to ventilation.

The all-female workforce is paid fairly per piece made.

They get flexibility and autonomy in deciding how much they want to work. 


Like any other person or company, we're not perfect, but we're trying.  And we're constantly seeking to improve.

So if you have any suggestions, please email us at: