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Our Story

Our Story

It started with an email... “Hey,” it said. “Can I wear this underwear in the water? Like a bikini?”

At this point, SOMI was just a vision and a website. We thought about it. What was the difference between underwear and swimwear, really? Our test line was already made from quick-dry fabric with sporty accents.

“We don’t see why not,” we wrote back. Two days later, she sent a photo wearing her SOMI effortlessly in the water. Then we got another photo... and another...

Different women smiling and wearing their underwear proudly for everything from home workouts to hikes. And there was one hiker who did a week-long trip with only SOMI, wore it as a swimsuit, and washed it in the sink at night.

We realized we were onto something.

Fast-forward to today, and we’ve transformed our flagship line into something never seen before: A whole new category of designs intended to empower and embolden. We’re more than just a team of dreamers, though. We know how to bring a vision to life.

Our Ethos

We’ve always loved the idea of minimalism, but we wanted to offer our SOMI wearers the best of everything: The best workout underwear, the best swimwear, the best I-just-want-to-be-comfortable-and-lounge -around-in-my-undies” wear. But how could we do that while still maintaining an eco-positive, minimalistic approach?

The answer was simple: Create one functional (yet fashionable) set of undies that does it all. And make it durable enough to last for years to reduce your carbon footprint.

Did you know that fashion is a major contributor to pollution? In fact, 140 million pounds of clothes end up in landfills each year, and 20% of industrial water pollution is estimated to come from garment manufacturing.

We care about the world we live in, so designing SOMI to be eco-friendly and ethically made wasn’t a decision we had to think twice about. But we didn’t stop there, because we wanted SOMI to be ethically made as well as eco-friendly. To this end, we’ve taken careful measures to vet all our suppliers to ensure their workers are treated fairly.

Sustainable Packaging

We developed our packing to be 100% recyclable and free of as much plastic as possible.

We also designed the packing to be durable and beautiful to be reused. Our dresser boxes also double as storage containers to hold anything from stationary, knick knacks, to your most valuable items.