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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your factory?
We work with a small factory based in the Shanghai area. They have about 70 on staff and Lana has met personally with them to ensure they meet our ethical and quality standards. They provide fair wages, good working conditions, and treat their workers like family.  
Why not manufacture in the US?
Our goal is to provide an accessible, sustainable price point so that more people can wear our products. Our mission to innovate on underwear, empower you to *do*, and promote eco-friendly manufacturing practices. After learning more about the industry, we realized that we had to take a more holistic view of ethics and sustainability since fashion is a globalized industry, no matter what country comes after the “made in…” on the tag.
What sizes and colors are available?
Every item will be available in black and more colors will be added as we reach funding goals! Please see our size chart and style descriptions for what sizes they will be available in.
Why aren’t The Versatile and The Minimalist style offered in XL+ sizes?
We want to provide the best possible customer experience and we have found those sizes did not test well.
Which tops are best for working out?
The Betty and The Deep Dive are best for low-impact workouts. So think yoga and pilates, not running.
Which tops are best for swimming?
Any of them!
What top styles are best for a larger chest?
The Betty and Deep Dive have the most coverage. Order according to your band size since our fabric has stretch.
Are the straps adjustable on all styles?
Are any of the tops padded?
No, they’re unlined but double-layered.
How many water bottles go into one SOMI set?
What is the benefit of the anti-bacterial coating?
It helps keep your undies smelling fresh!
How should I decide which size is best for me?
Use our sizing chart. For tops, prioritize your band size (the width around your ribcage, right underneath the breasts) since our fabric has a lot of leeway in sizing.
What is your exchange policy?
Tops can be exchanged if not worn, bottoms are final sale. If something doesn’t fit, get in touch with us directly and we’ll make sure to make things right!
Can you please break down the fabric composition of SOMI underwear?
SustainLuxe is 79% recycled poly and 21% spandex.
Is this breathable? Is it safe to wear down there?
Yes. Not all fibers are created equal. SustainLuxe features premium recycled poly and elastane woven in a proprietary weaving pattern that results in light, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. While cotton is good in some cases, getting sweaty or swimming is not one of them since water wouldn’t evaporate.
What about microplastic pollution?
Microplastics are tiny plastic threads that get released during washing. The worst offender in microplastic pollution is poly fleece pieces, which release the most fibers. However, while this is undesirable, we wanted to balance the overall environmental impact. No textile is 100% perfect. We believe that the biggest issue in fashion is the volume of mindless consumption and garments practically designed to be disposed of. We believe that by creating multifunctional, durable pieces, we can reduce the number of bras and panties purchased. High quality recycled poly that makes our Sustainluxe fabric is surprising tough stuff! You can also prevent most microfibers by washing using our SOMI SeaSaver Washbag, which will trap microplastics inside its fine mesh.
How confident are you regarding your shipping timeline?
SOMI will ship within the US 90 days after the campaign finish. While there’s always potentially room for delays in production, we’ve built-in 30-45 days of buffer time. If anything outside of our control comes up, we will be in constant contact with backers for updates.
Who is responsible for paying customs duties and taxes?
Recipients of orders will be responsible for any and all costs associated with import taxes, customs duties, or fees levied by the destination country. SOMI has no control over such charges and cannot estimate the exact amount. Please contact your local customs office for more information. If you decline to pay these duties and taxes due to the carrier upon delivery of your order, the package may be considered abandoned, destroyed, or returned to us (at an extremely high cost charged to SOMI). Under these circumstances, we, unfortunately, cannot consider requests for replacement shipments.