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Ethics & Sustainability

Holistic Sustainability

At SOMI, we aim to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our product design and functionality. From our undies to our packaging, we focus on making products that reduce waste and serve multiple purposes. 

Like any other person or company, we're not perfect. We're trying our best. And we're constantly seeking to improve. So if you have any suggestions, please email us at                                                                             

Part 1: REDUCE

This is the big idea behind SOMI.

Many companies tout that their products are made from recycled materials. They say things about their sustainable supply chains. They use biodegradable mailers. And these are necessary.

But what fundamentally drives all of this production...

is the demand for the products themselves. 

So we're asking a much bigger question:

How can we create a sustainable lifestyle for our SOMI Fam?

How do we help you help others?

So we're doing something far more radical:

Get rid of single-purpose apparel.

It's about opening your eyes to how versatile your wardrobe really is. 

It's about demanding more from the items you buy.

And it just makes sense.

Why wouldn't you want to get more use from what you already have?

Why underwear?

When it comes to clothes, we advocate for buying preowned.

But underwear isn't like vintage clothes.

You can't buy it used.

And underwear isn't recyclable. No fabric - polyester, cotton, nylon - is recyclable once mixed with elastane.

So we decided to start with underwear. 

As we expand, we'll create more multifunctional pieces of apparel. 

Part 2: REUSE

Multifunctional underwear goes perfectly with the REUSE part of the conservation cycle. 

Rather than ship in boxes that you’ll immediately put into the recycling ...

We spend the extra money to create an unboxing experience that’s reusable as well. 

We reduced our reliance on plastics.

And finally, we are thoughtful with how items are packed to ensure the best possible customer experience.  

The mailer we use is a limited edition run and perfectly sized as a memento drawer, desk drawer, underwear cubby, makeup box, or whatever you can dream of!


SOMI bras and underwear are made from a recycled fiber blends - often poly or nylon - and are perfect for lounging, working out, and swimming. 

But it goes so far beyond that. 

As part of the larger ecosystem, washing apparel actually introduces millions of tiny plastic threads - called microplastics - into the ocean with each load.

As a result, we’ve created our SeaSaver Washbag, whose fine mesh prevents most microplastics from entering the water supply. 

It also keeps your undies looking top notch. And works great as a breathable travel bag.  

Women-Led Companies & Ethical Sourcing

We care about who we're working with. 

The small cut-and-sew company we work with in China is run by a female entrepreneur named Sabrina. Lana, the CEO, met with her in person multiple times and developed a close personal relationship with her over the course of working together. It's our pleasure to grow alongside another small woman-owned business.                                                                                   

It's our utmost priority to ensure that the factory workers are paid and treated fairly, and to do so we have throughly vetted the factory's practices. We have also audited labor practices of the factory to make sure their team is working under good conditions, from lighting to ventilation.

It's also an empowering environment for their workers, as they are paid fairly per piece and can decide exactly how much they would like to work.