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SOMI was created with two goals in mind: to craft modern, easy basics and to raise funds for women’s empowerment groups.

The Product

//casual basics with a modern sensibility 

//high quality fabric and elastics

//versatile and durable for a holistic eco-approach

Harpswell Foundation

All across the world, women suffer from discrimination and gross maltreatment due to their gender. Lack of access to education, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and female genital mutilation are just a few of the injustices that women face. Good news is, there are a lot of wonderful, brave organizations that are putting forth great effort to change social stigmas and empower women. What they need is capital and support.

We are proud to partner with the Harpswell Foundation, a group that is working to build the next generation of women leaders in Cambodia, a country that was depleted of its educated class during the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. Harpswell takes a comprehensive approach by providing much needed dormitory housing, leadership training, English tutors, and professional guidance to a talented and intelligent group of young women. 

Women's Shelters, San Francisco

As a company that offers multiple styles and colorways for our garments, we have had quite a few samples. Instead of letting them collect dust, we have partnered with local women's shelters to get them in the hands of those who need them.

To date we have donated: 

#335  bras

#514  bottoms