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Why is underwear more flattering than swimwear?

When it comes to shopping for swimwear, it can often be a daunting experience due to the lack of options available for different body types. However, there is something about underwear that can make you feel confident and good about yourself. Have you ever considered why underwear seems to be more fashionable and flattering than swimwear? Here are a few reasons why.

Fit is Key

Underwear often comes in a variety of cuts from thongs to briefs, and this allows us to choose the ones that fit us best. On the other hand, swimwear is often limited to just a few styles that do not necessarily cater to everyone. For instance, if you have a pear-shaped body, you may find it challenging to find the perfect swim bottom that fits in all the right places. Whereas with underwear, you can choose high-waisted briefs, which flatter your curves, and make you feel confident in how you look.

The Quality of Material

With underwear, we tend to be more mindful of the material and quality we choose. We also wear them on a day-to-day basis as opposed to swimwear that's only worn a few times a year. This means we often invest in high-quality materials like cotton, silk, and lace, which work to flatter our body and offer more support. The same cannot be said for swimwear, where the quality of material varies when it comes to fast drying and moisture-wicking abilities.


Another thing that makes underwear more flattering than swimwear is the versatility it offers. Believe it or not, some panties can double up as swimwear, and SOMI Apparel is one such brand. SOMI makes underwear that is crafted to be worn both as regular underwear and as swimwear. The brand’s high-quality pieces are designed to flatter and fit your body perfectly, with a variety of swimwear cuts that offer the level of coverage you desire.

While shopping for swimwear can often leave you feeling unsure about your body, some underwear pieces can make you feel empowered and confident. The key to finding the ideal fit for you lies in investing in high-quality materials that offer the support and versatility you need. SOMI Apparel’s versatile underwear is one such option that can help you feel confident both in and out of the water.