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How to Prevent Panty Lines from Being Visible

Why Are Panty Lines a Concern?

The Importance of Comfort and Style

Visible panty lines (VPL) can be a nuisance, especially when they detract from the appearance of your outfit. A smooth silhouette not only looks more polished, but it also provides a level of comfort and confidence that can make all the difference in your day-to-day life.

The Psychological Impact of Visible Panty Lines

Beyond aesthetics, visible panty lines can also have psychological effects. The feeling of self-consciousness or embarrassment can impact your mood, posture, and overall confidence. By addressing this issue, you can eliminate unnecessary stress and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

The Different Types of Undergarments to Prevent Panty Lines

SOMI Apparel Thongkillers

SOMI Apparel makes women's boxer briefs called Thongkillers that help prevent panty lines, are made from silky smooth material that reduces chafing, and are super comfortable to wear. 

They come in two lengths, perfect for different outfits.

Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is designed to lie flat against your skin, reducing the likelihood of panty lines. This type of underwear is available in various styles, such as briefs, bikinis, and hipsters, making it a versatile option for preventing VPL.


Thongs are another popular choice for avoiding panty lines. Since they have minimal fabric in the back, there's no risk of visible lines under your clothing. However, thongs may not be suitable for everyone due to personal comfort preferences.


Boyshorts are a comfortable alternative to traditional underwear styles. They provide full coverage while eliminating panty lines due to their longer leg openings. Look for boyshorts made from stretchy, seamless materials for the best results.


Shapewear can serve multiple purposes, including smoothing your figure and preventing panty lines. High-waisted shapewear, in particular, can offer excellent tummy control while ensuring a seamless appearance under clothing.

Clothing Tips to Conceal Panty Lines

Choose the Right Fabric

Some fabrics are more prone to revealing panty lines than others. Opt for thicker materials, such as denim or wool, to keep your undergarments hidden. Avoid thin, clingy fabrics like jersey, which can highlight VPL.

Opt for Darker Colors

Darker colors can help camouflage panty lines. Black, navy, and charcoal grey are great options for creating a more seamless appearance.

Embrace Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures can also help disguise panty lines. Consider choosing clothing with bold prints or textured fabrics, such as lace or tweed, to draw attention away from any visible lines.

Wear Layers

Layering your clothing can be an effective way to minimize the appearance of panty lines. 

For example, wearing a slip or shapewear under a dress can create a barrier between your undergarments and outer clothing, reducing the chance of visible lines. Similarly, wearing tights or leggings under skirts or dresses can help conceal panty lines.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Silhouette

Proper Sizing

Wearing the correct size underwear is crucial for preventing panty lines. Ill-fitting underwear can cause uncomfortable digging, bunching, or rolling, all of which can lead to visible lines. Take the time to measure yourself and consult size charts to ensure you're wearing the appropriate size for your body.

Launder with Care

Properly caring for your undergarments can help maintain their shape and effectiveness in preventing panty lines. Wash your underwear on a gentle cycle and avoid using fabric softeners, as they can cause elastic to break down over time. It's also a good idea to air dry your undergarments to preserve their shape and elasticity.

Consider Going Commando

While it may not be suitable for every situation, going commando is the ultimate way to avoid panty lines altogether. If you're comfortable without underwear, this can be a viable option for certain outfits where panty lines are particularly noticeable.


Preventing visible panty lines can boost your confidence and enhance the overall appearance of your outfits. By choosing the right undergarments, selecting clothing that camouflages lines, and following a few additional tips, you can maintain a smooth silhouette and feel comfortable in your skin.


1. Is it unhealthy to wear a thong to prevent panty lines?

Wearing a thong is generally safe, but it's important to choose the right size and material to avoid irritation or discomfort. If you experience any issues, consider trying a different style of underwear or opting for seamless options.

2. Can men prevent visible panty lines as well?

Yes, men can also take steps to prevent visible panty lines by choosing seamless or well-fitting underwear, such as boxer briefs, and selecting clothing that minimizes the appearance of lines.

3. How can I prevent panty lines when wearing leggings?

Seamless underwear or thongs are great options for preventing panty lines under leggings. Additionally, choose leggings with a thicker fabric or a pattern to further reduce the visibility of lines.

4. Is it okay to wear shapewear every day?

While shapewear can be worn every day, it's important to choose comfortable, well-fitting pieces that don't restrict your movement or cause discomfort. Give your body a break by alternating between shapewear and other types of underwear.

5. Are there any alternatives to underwear for preventing panty lines?

Some clothing items, such as skirts and dresses, have built-in liners that can serve as a substitute for underwear, effectively preventing panty lines. Additionally, adhesive strips or silicone patches can be used as an alternative to traditional underwear for certain outfits.