Undies that

KS Backers Only - Tops


Here's how it works:

1) We will send you a return label for your top within 1-2 business days. DO NOT RETURN BOTTOMS. The replacement process for bottoms must be done as a separate order.

2) Pick out your replacement. The token prices are highly discounted so that if you add additional tops, shipping is free. Otherwise, it is $5.99 which covers our warehouse pick/pack/storage fees.

3) Once return received, we'll refund your order minus $5 for shipping + handling. Exchange completed! 

This allows you to get your exchange right away while also shopping the limited time KS discount. 

Your return must be in saleable condition. 

I loved both the underwear and bra I got! My favorite thing is how the material feels. It’s so comfy, and I like being able to hand wash so easily. Perfect for camping and backpacking trips!

Also, just ordered three more pairs of the underwear off your website since my fiancé’s dog got into the laundry hamper and chewed my first pair up -_-

Kristin S.