Undies that

KS Backers Only - Bottoms Up

Hello beautiful Somi Fam!

Here's how it works: your discount code is YOUR EMAIL.

For example, if human@gmail.com was the notification address you provided, you'd enter human@gmail.com at checkout. 

The result: a cart with $5 undies + $5.99 for our warehouse.

BUT BUT - you can get free shipping if you want to add on highly discounted tops, even if you're not doing an exchange, you get your mitts on them here. 

Because we got that $50 free shipping threshold and all. Well, for USA folks. 

As your existing undies? Keep them.

We can't resell them (unless there's some black market for this stuff?) and once fibers get mixed with spandex, it's not recyclable. 

I loved both the underwear and bra I got! My favorite thing is how the material feels. It’s so comfy, and I like being able to hand wash so easily. Perfect for camping and backpacking trips!

Also, just ordered three more pairs of the underwear off your website since my fiancé’s dog got into the laundry hamper and chewed my first pair up -_-

Kristin S.